School Stewardship Curriculum: Mulligan and the BBQ Grill

Teach your students about Stewardship! Based on the book, Mulligan and the Barbeque Grill, teachers will love these fun lessons and flexible academic supplement! Three great lessons will teach your kids about the importance of being good stewards of the possessions God gives to us. This affordable curriculum is perfect for use in Christian Schools, Catholic Schools, or Home School Consortiums. Christian School teachers with more than 40 years combined expereince helped create this simple and easy to use tool to teach stewardship. Make sure to buy enough copies of the book so each student can read about Mulligan at home too!

Note: a separate Sunday School version is also availabe. See the home page of the web store for more information.

Included in the curriculum:

  • 3 lessons on the stewardship of possessions
  • 2 age appropriate curriculum versions (K-2nd Grade; 3rd-4th Grade)
  • Teacher's Guides and Class Outlines
  • A complimentary copy of Mulligan and the Barbeque Grill with free shipping!
  • An academic supplement with advanced lessons on math, science, reading, money management, history and more!
  • An audio file of the author and his friends reading the book
  • An MP3 of The My Dog Mulligan Theme Song
  • Power Point Slides
  • Activities
  • Games
  • Skits
  • Scripture theme verses
  • Small group questions
  • Take home sheets

All the resources are available through digital download. For more information about the curriculum or supplement, call 913-710-5012.

School Stewardship Curriculum: Mulligan and the BBQ Grill
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